Our personal storage lockers are suitable for a range of industries and sectors, from police and fire stations, leisure facilities and healthcare environments, to schools, staff changing rooms and everywhere in between.

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Mild Steel Modular Lockers

Our versatile and hard-wearing lockers provide quality, choice and security as standard. Available in a wide range of sizes and compartment combinations, they provide a practical solution to the problem of personal storage, for clothing, possessions or equipment. All our locker doors have an all-round reinforcing edge to enhance strength and rigidity. On larger sized doors, a welded vertical channel section stiffens the door for protection against impact damage. Steel three-knuckle hinges are welded to the door and riveted to the frame to give added strength and allow for easy replacement of damaged doors. Colours are applied electro-statically as an epoxy-polyester powder coat, then baked to provide a high quality, durable finish.

Our locker range features in-frame locking through the door with a hooked cam engaging into the frame. This provides extra security by significantly increasing resistance to forced entry.

Lockers also benefit from a Anti-theft shelf which prevents access to compartments above and below an open door.

BioCote® antimicrobial technology is incorporated into Link 51 Lockers products at the time of manufacture, offering constant protection against a wide range of bacteria.
Field tests prove that storage equipment treated with BioCote® powder coating benefits from a 94% reduction in bacteria on their surface, helping create a cleaner and more hygienic working environment.

Workwear Lockers

Utility lockers have additional internal configurations and door options to suit specific requirements, such as clean/dirty compartments, uniform hanging, crew lockers for bulky equipment, or two person lockers.

  • Choice of lock fittings including deadlock, hasp and staple (for use with padlock), coin/token return and keep locks, four tumbler combination lock and a digital combination lock.
  • Choice of door colours.
  • BioCote microbial protection.

Small Item Lockers

Small item lockers provide secure storage for small but valuable possessions in public areas and throughout the working environment.

  • Choose from 4 or 8 doors in nests of 1 or 2.
  • Units can be hung on walls, fitted on top of each other or side to side.
  • Choose from plain or perforated doors, sloping or flat tops.
  • Key-operated cam locks (‘dead locks’ ) are supplied as standard.
  • Options are hasp & staple fitting (for use with a padlock), coin return lock (4 door only) or digital combination lock.
  • Choice of door colours.